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Working with the Office

After having worked for others in more traditional practices, Brad saw how much a lawyer could accomplish for his client when given the opportunity to be the zealous advocate that every client deserves. He established a client-centered practice that strives to exceed the expectations of our clients. We do this by focusing on our clients, supporting our surrounding communities, providing flat fee structures to our clients, and instantaneous and constant communication so clients never have to wonder what’s going on in their case.

Flat Fees

When examining other law practices, most tend to highly value their time and directly place a dollar amount for every minute spent on a case. Abraham Lincoln defended this way of thinking when he is credited with saying “ A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” This over­values the lawyer’s time because our clients’ time is valuable to them as well. The recognition that your time is all you have in this world places you and the attorney on equal footing.

At your complimentary consultation, we discuss your case and all of the outcomes that may occur. During this process, Brad will develop a pricing structure for your matter based on his experience. For example, in a divorce case, there may be one fee if your case is able to be resolved on an agreed basis, another fee if it were to become contested and a third fee if it goes to trial. There will be no other fees and you’re locked in with the knowledge about what your matter will cost. The most important thing to the office is that we never become a collector or someone with whom you do not wish to speak because you are afraid of what it will cost. We are here for you to help you through your life’s problems.

Client Portal

In keeping with the ideals of the office and placing the client as our focus, we utilize cutting edge technology in order to provide our clients instantaneous access to all of the aspects of their case; their calendar, documents and running notes as to status. In addition, secure encrypted self­-contained live chat and mailing capability are available to clients at no additional cost. We provide this technology so that you are always informed and involved to the degree you desire in your matter. Through our strong partnership comes the best result.

Sales / Promotions

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